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.: Rare Facts :.

- Jeff's sister Pamela has a very small part in the film "The Favour, The Watch and The Very Big Fish"
- she also made the "love shrine" for the movie "Framed"
- every Monday night Jeff plays with his band in a club in LA
- Jeff played a vampire in the computer game "Goosebumps"
- his favourite actors are Marlon Brando and Peter Sellers
- Jeff was the voice of 'Verminous Skumm' in "Captain Planet", of 'MacArthur Parker' in "The Simpsons" and Aaron in "Prince of Egypt"
- some of his favourite movies are 'Shine' and 'Cabin Boy'
- his favourite DVDs are "Being There" and "Rosemary's Baby"
- Jeff likes to tap dance and he can move like a belly dancer
- he was a very good student in school
- he went on a trip to Alaska on a boat with 400 other people
- he once did a commercial for Holsten Pils
- Jeff says he cries at the movie "Men Don't Leave"
- he met Princess Diana at the premiere of Jurassic Park in London
- he's working out everyday in the gym (according to 'Entertainment Tonight Online' the Crunch gym in L.A.)
- he was once invited by Aerosmith to see one of their concerts
- he did commercials for "Apple" computers
- Jeff and his his girlfriend have a cat named Billy.

Jeff Goldblum Unlimited 2000-2002.